It is important to us that these activities are well attended by the girls in the schools. In order to make this possible, we visited the parents to explain the Youth Development Program. Now the girls are allowed to participate in their specific programs led by a woman.

SPAC has the prerequisites and the motivated staff to help the adolescents to become active, dedicated and independent. And the adults learn to know and respect the ideas, visions and needs of the young people.

Our youth development project comprises three main modules. The first module “Talking and Thinking” engages the youth in their familiar environment, which takes place in their classroom in Brazzaville. Here we talk about nature and make illustrations of fauna and flora, to help the your to express their feelings about nature before and after the trip.

The second module “Moving and Doing” takes place outside the classroom in the nature reserve at Lésio-Luna/ Léfini, where they are introduced to a fun learning experience in the outdoors. Here the kids participate in a professionally planed, fun and valued overnight at the Lésio-Luna Park, which is a three hour drive from Brazzaville.

The final module “Feelings and Learning” takes place back in their classroom in Brazzaville draws out their emotional experience and reflections of how nature has a positive effect on their wellbeing and life experiences. Here the mentors engage the children in a dialogue about what they liked and how their vision and their feelings toward nature ave evolved since their return to the urban setting.

Finally from these students, we identify key leaders who want to become part of future outings as potential Tutors. These will be the peer ambassadors who start changing consciousness’ in other groups of urban youth.